Thursday, April 26, 2012

Topless Night

(Today’s post is a continuation of Monday’s story. Please read that post first if you haven’t seen it already.)
What happens at sea . . .
Kellie’s Cruise husband, Ron, wasn’t the only person to make significant sacrifices in our unsuccessful attempt to win the The Quest.  Susan took one for the team too. Just before the game started, we met a couple, Carl and Susan, who joined our losing effort. They had sailed on Royal Caribbean before and they came to game prepared.  Susan had a bag filled with some of the items she thought we might need: women’s underwear, a bra, the ship’s daily paper, kitting needles, and other assorted items.  Still, there were a few other necessary items that she didn’t have: dentures, a body piercing at a location other than her ear, and fruit. Luckily, the cruise director was sometimes rather liberal about what he accepted in satisfaction of a given task, and when he requested that we bring him two pieces of fruit, my team was given full credit when I appeared in front of him clutching my crotch.

Some of the other tasks left little room interpretation. And although Susan had one bra, the cruise director demanded two.  So Susan frantically struggled to remove her bra without taking off her shirt; Kellie helped.  Susan easily slipped one side of her bra off her shoulder and passed the end of it through her shirt sleeve.  Kellie immediately grabbed the end of bra and starting tugging, pulling the bra taught, making it impossible for Susan to free herself from the other end of her bra.  Kellie kept pulling and she eventually got the bra off – along with Susan’s shirt, leaving poor Susan standing there topless, in the middle of a room with few hundred other passengers who had gathered for the event. Kellie took off with Susan’s bra and shirt to claim our points.  I thought Susan was just a little slow to cover her bosom, proudly displaying her assets for all to see, but her husband grabbed his jacket and draped it around his wife.
Within 24 hours, most of the other 2600 passengers who were not present in the lounge the pervious evening had heard about the topless woman. By the time the story circulated back to Kellie, rumor and speculation had it that Carl and Susan were swingers. It’s possible I thought, and it could explain why Susan was so affectionate when saying good night to people she had just met.  I must admit that I felt a little awkward when Susan, who is 5’11”, gave me a long hug and peck on the cheek as she was departing. Since I’m only 5’6” on a good day, my face aligned perfectly with Susan’s breasts as she embraced me. With such a large height difference, Kellie and I concluded that we were not likely prospects for Carl and Susan, unless of course Susan was into midgets. 


  1. Probably would't have been that much of an issue if you were horizontal ! lol sounds like you are having a blast !

  2. Oh MY!!! That is hysterical!! However, if I had to guess I would've put my money on Kellie being the topless one! HAHAHA!