Monday, April 9, 2012

Analyze This

Kellie had a dream.  She was walking through a hotel bar one afternoon when she noticed a man sitting on a barstool.  She could only see the back of his head, but there was something familiar about his coiffure that made her suspect that the gentleman could be Howard Stern.  As she approached, he turned around, confirming her suspicion.  “Hi, I think you know my husband,” said Kellie. 

Howard immediately appeared apprehensive, maybe slightly annoyed, and he slowly leaned away, increasing the space between himself and Kellie.  He likely thought that he had just run into some middle-aged, aspiring actress looking for her big career break.  
Kellie continued introducing herself, “I’m Kellie Cereola, from Living in Kellie’s World; my husband Joe writes the blog.” 
Howard’s facial expression instantly brightened. “Oh, you’re Kellie! I love Living in Kellie’s World,” he said.  “I read it all the time.” 
According to Kellie, the dream got a little fuzzy at that point.  Either that, or maybe something transpired between her and Mr. Stern that she didn’t want to admit to or discuss. Whatever.  I just have three questions.  Why was Kellie dreaming about Howard Stern?  Why would Howard be reading my blog?  And what the hell was my wife doing trolling a hotel bar in the middle of the afternoon.  If it wasn’t all just a sleep induced fantasy, she’d be in trouble.  I have no idea how to interpret her dream, but I’m open to suggestions.


  1. HMMMM... Now, I haven't listened to HS for eons, but I remember him as crude, racy, repugnant, and funny. She mentions you (both and HS have long brown hair) and the blog (which she maybe finds a little of all the above???? That's my guess. She was dreaming about you and the blog. You're HS! LOL!!!!

    1. I'm HS? That's good, can't wait to tell Kellie.