Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Damn Taxes

California and I had a little disagreement about whether or not I had to file a 2010 tax return. (That was the year I retired and became a civilian again.) They won; I filed. After submitting 18 pages of income tax forms, how much did I owe? Zero, nada, nothing. What a waste of time. Processing my return will produce a net loss for this financially strapped state. 

I curse when I do taxes. It's not that I'm a rebel who doesn't believe that we should be taxed, though it would be nice, it's just the process for figuring out what you owe that's maddening. Each individual is responsible for calculating his own tax, which is a joke because even tax professionals will sometimes disagree about how to apply the tax code. Then, if you make a mistake, you get penalized. It's crazy. The  government is essentially saying, "Tell us how much tax you owe us. If we disagree with you, we'll put you through hell until you become more compliant."
Biblical scholars ought to take another look at Revelation 13:18.  They may have the translation incorrect.  The mark of the beast is 1040.
When taxes are due I can’t sleep.  Well, it’s not just the taxes,  whenever I have anything hanging over my head I can’t sleep.  So, for the last few weeks I haven’t been getting much rest as I obsess over finishing my 2011 state and federal taxes, my 2010 state taxes, and submitting a Notice of Disagreement to the Veterans Administration, all which have to be completed before I can depart for my trip on Friday.  Add to that all the other crap I have to do before leaving home for a month long vacation (yeah, I know that’s not going to garner me a whole lot  of sympathy here) plus, my brother and I are trying to launch a business; it’s a wonder that I’ve been able to shut my eyes at all.  I’m just one big stress ball.  
How does Kellie deal with it?  She doesn’t.  Kellie doesn’t worry about anything.  During tax time, the only thing she has to do is sign where I point.  And now that our taxes are submitted electronically, she doesn’t even have to do that anymore.  She does get a little pissy when I start ranting at her about her record keeping.  I told her that I’d be happy to take over the household budget and bill paying now that I no longer leave home and go to sea for months at a time, but she prefers to remain in control of the finances.  Surprise, surprise.
Ok, I’m ranting again. I do that a lot. This whole post is just a continuation of a rant I started on Facebook yesterday.  I should stop now.  I think I need a vacation from retirement for a while.  


  1. forget the tax, care bout the money.

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