Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Higher Mathematics

“Hey honey.”
“I know that look.”
“How about we go upstairs and you can do a mobius strip for me?”
“Sorry honey, we don’t have a pole?”
“Yes we do, I constructed a polar axis in our bedroom.”
“Well then, why don’t you ask your friend Mobius to do it for you?”
“Hmm, not what I had in mind.  Can we integrate then?”
“I want to get a feel for the area under your curves
“I feel like multiplying.”
“Come on, I really want to generate another parent function.”
“Do you understand what menopause is about?”
“Please, just let me bisect your triangle.”
“You are such a Dork.”
“I bet if we get diametrically opposed you can reach a global maximum.”
“Now you’re talking my language.”
“Did you know that the perimeter of the annulus is an erogenous zone?”
“You’re not going anywhere near my annulus.”
“Why not; is it a restricted domain?”
“Call the school and tell them you’re done tutoring math.”


  1. I'm so disappointed in you, Joe...no "rise over run" comment? Maybe too basic, huh? Great stuff!

  2. Very funny math talk,impressive blog,your created links are very useful for scholars.I think maths become enjoying by practicing a lot.