Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Futility is defined as having an argument with your wife.

Like most husbands and wives, Kellie and I sometimes disagree. Occasionally (too often) a discussion (argument) of the merits of each of our respective positions will ensue.  Like most husbands, I’m always wrong.

Kellie is colorblind. She sees the world in very black and white terms.  For her, every issue has exactly two sides and where she stands on an issue requires no internal debate, and an external debate is not likely to change her point of view.  For me, nothing is black and white.  Black and white are merely endpoints that bracket an entire spectrum of possibilities.  Kellie also has an internal cutoff switch that kills her ability to continue a debate beyond 15 minutes.  Besides, for her, 15 minutes is about 15 times longer than she needs to state her case, and the amount of time she needs to dismiss my position is even shorter.  Since I have an infinite number of possibilities to explore, and I love discussing every one of them, it often takes me a bit longer to get to the point.  Kellie is not impressed by my stamina for discussion.  It appears that we disagree over how to disagree.

After fourteen years of wedded bliss, a little inductive reasoning would seem to suggest that resistance is futile and that I should forgo any debate and skip right to the part where I apologize.  

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