Monday, November 21, 2011

Terms of Endearment

Kellie has given me many different nicknames during our 17 years together.  When we first met, she frequently called me honey, BFL (boyfriend for life), handsome, prince, or prince charming.  As the years wore on, those utterances became less frequent and were slowly replaced with somewhat less endearing terms such as geek, dork, nerd, and the occasional asshole.  When she uses the latter term I feel compelled to point out to her that she has made a minor error.  I am not an asshole; I have an asshole.  She never seems to grasp the difference, and my belaboring the point only seems to reinforce her notion that her original usage was correct.
Lately, I’ve noticed that her lexicon of pet names for me has acquired a slightly more positive connotation with the addition of the words adorkable, geekalectable, and nerdolicious.  I’m fine with the first adjective, indifferent towards the second one, but the final description sounds a little creepy, maybe even a bit perverted.  No man should be referred to as nerdolicious.

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  1. I've wondered what BFL stood for for YEARS! I can't tell you how many times I've read it on a Valentine's day card or something and sat for a good 20 minutes running the possibilities through my head.