Thursday, July 5, 2012

Vacation With Kellie

Just because I haven't blogged about traveling lately, that doesn't mean that Kellie has not been busy filling out her vacation dance card for the remainder of the year. Here’s what it looks like so far:

21 Jul - 24 Jul:
24 Jul - 2 Aug:
Park City, UT
5 - 20 Aug:
19 - 25 Nov:
Maui, HI (tentative)
22 - 29 Dec:
New York, NY (tentative)
30 Dec - 6 Jan:

Right about now, I suspect our friend David is mumbling something like, "F@#$ing Kellie." Several other people have also expressed a touch of envy about her incessant vacationing. There’s no reason to get jealous. You too can vacation like Kellie; in fact, you can vacation with Kellie. All you have to do is call Princess Cruises and tell them you're with Kellie's World (group number: TS6), and you can join our New Year's Caribbean cruise. If you've never inquired about a Princess Cruise before, send me your name and email address before you contact them. We'll add you to our referral list and we'll both get a $25 room credit if you sail. Family and friends have already booked 7 cabins, and if we get a few more pirates to join us, Kellie will have enough to lead a mutiny and vacation forever.

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