Monday, March 26, 2012

Taking A Cruise To Prepare For The Cruise

Liza and Kellie, Feeling Fuzzy
Kellie prepares for a vacation the same way that a boxer trains for a championship fight: by scheduling a little tuneup action prior to the main event.  That’s why she’s currently underway on a week long Carnival Cruise to Mexico with our daughter, Kyra, in advance of our 34-day, Caribbean to Mediterranean holiday next month.  Kellie contends that she must acclimate to shipboard life again since she has not been aboard a cruise ship for almost three months now.

Kellie’s friend, Liza, and her daughter, Jordan, are also making the trip.  They all left for Los Angles last Saturday afternoon, and they spent the night prior to getting underway in the City of Angles  –  to get acclimated to rum drinks.  

I get to stay home and have a staycation with my wife's dogs. This is why we call it Kellie’s World.  

Liza and Kellie were exchanging texts every few minutes on Friday as they were coordinating last minute travel plans.  A text from Liza arrived while Kellie and I were in the car. Since Kellie was driving, I served as her personal secretary as she dictated a reply.  After I hit send, I scrolled up a bit to see what they were talking about all day.  I did a screen capture and forwarded the image to my iPhone so that I could share it with all of you. 

Bon voyage girls!

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  1. I wouldn't know the first thing about how to navigate a cruise vacation. Where thing are, what to plan, what to do..., etc. You are SO lucky that Kellie is devoting the time BEFOREHAND to plot your course. You will now have an educated co pilot to help you gain the MOST enjoyment out of your investment. I hope she's not charging you too much for this service. You should really thank her....

    1. Yes, Karen, I'm so lucky. There may not be any monetary charges for her services, but I pay; trust me, I pay!

  2. That text is ROTFL funny! I have a feeling cruising is going to become a regular event in Kellie's World. ;)

    1. "... going to become...?" I think she's too far down that road to use the future tense.