Wednesday, January 18, 2012

She Always Says No

Last month we took a two-week cruise aboard the Caribbean Princess.  One night, the Assistant Cruise Director, Dan, hosted a simple game called the Yes No Show.  Contestants had to sit in a chair and have a conversation with Assistant Cruise Director Dan for three minutes without saying the words yes or no.  Successful participants won a bottle of cheap ship champagne.  Most contestants were not successful.  And the contestant who said yes or no in the shortest amount of time would have to lead the naked conga line the next day.  Kellie signed both of us up to play.

By the time it was Kellie's turn to take a seat on the stage it was almost 11 p.m.  We're typically in bed at that hour, a time when Kellie has been habitually conditioned to just say no to almost proposition I might suggest.  She didn’t last very long, just shy of seven seconds, wining the pole position for the following morning’s naked conga line on the lido deck.  Here's the video.


  1. LMAO....Forget the contest video, where is the naked conga line video?

  2. There are few things I cannot post.

  3. I almost forgot...Thanks to Ronny for the video.