Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy By Comparison

Does Facebook make us unhappy?  Researchers at Utah Valley University think so.  A study of over 400 college students revealed that the more time you spend on Facebook, the more you come to believe that everyone else is have more fun than you.  Facebook profiles tend to document the
happiest moments in our lives, while omitting most of the tedious moments that make up a dull day.  We end up comparing the most boring aspects of our own lives to the happiest moments in the lives of our families and friends; the contrast makes us feel sad and depressed.  The cure seems obvious, stay away from Facebook and make friends with dour, miserable people.  Then, by comparison, our lives will seem much better and we’ll all feel much happier.

A similar problem probably plagues many marriages, as evidenced by a U.S. divorce rate approaching 50%.  Our personal relationships pale in comparison to the fairy tale romances we see in movies and television, leaving us with the sense that there must be something missing from our own marriages.  Once again, the cure is obvious: by carefully selecting an appropriate frame of reference, we can make our own relationships shine.  For me, the key to happiness is watching reruns of Married With Children.  Al Bundy helps me keep the proper perspective.  Thank you tbs.


  1. Isn't Ted Bundy the serial killer? Should I warn Kellie? ;$

  2. lol. Thanks. I saw that mistake when I was getting the link, but I guess I forgot to fix it.

  3. all is good Joe, Ted is only Al's brother.. so the serial killer gene was probably lessened for Al.. I still think he's a good mentor for you... LOL! :-)