Friday, November 9, 2012

Emergency Blow

Well it looks like Living in Kellie's World has taken a little detour into my past life as a submariner. Here's a brief followup to yesterday's story.

Michael, from, asked if angles and dangles grab your stomach the same way a roller coaster does. Sadly, no.  However, you can simulate a short roller coaster drop by grabbing a blanket and sliding down a passageway when the ship takes a large angle. The practice is strongly discouraged since flesh typically looses in a collision with pipes and machinery . 

While it won't put your stomach in your throat, conducting an emergency blow is definitely and E-ticket ride. During an emergency blow, high pressure air is rapidly dumped into the  main ballast tanks to make the ship positively buoyant. The result is essentially an uncontrolled ascent to the surface. The following is a Navy promotional video of a Virginia Class fast attack submarine. At about the 28 second point you'll see a clip of submarine breaking the surface following an emergency blow. I get goosebumps just watching it. Enjoy.


  1. How does one get a ticket on that ride?? Seriously. Without enlisting.

  2. That is so intense! I like roller coasters but that looks scary.

  3. E-ticket ride! That brings back memories of the ticket books at Disneyland. Those E-tickets were the best in the book for the choicest rides.

  4. I still have a couple of E-tickets. Disneyland was something else then.

    That shot of the sub exploding from the water is awesome.

  5. Wow not sure if I would like it or not but yet it does sound exhilarating. I never knew there was such a procedure.